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Lightspeed Zulu PFX

Zulu.2 - Active Noise Reduction Headset

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Product Code: Z403X

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Lightspeed Zulu PFX
Lightspeed Aviation has leveraged cutting-edge technology, making the new PFX technology deliver the quietest headset available and create a personalized flying experience by actively conforming to your ears, your environment, and your preferences.
With Streaming Quiet dynamic ANR allows Zulu PFX to adapt to your environment, Acoustic response mapping using sound waves and advanced signal processing to measure your unique auditory landscape, and Personal preferences that can be set using enhanced capabilities in Flightlink, an app developed by Lightspeed.

Introducing Zulu PFX - Lightspeed Aviation
  • Streaming Quiet dynamic ANR: Continuously adapts to your environment, extending the amount, consistency, and frequency range of noise cancellation.

  • Acoustic response mapping: Measures your unique auditory landscape, adapting the audio response to your ear shape and size for maximum noise attenuation, voice clarity, and music fidelity.

  • Personal Preferences: Can be set using the enhanced capabilities in FlightLink, the proprietary app developed by Lightspeed
    bass and treble levels of the intercom and auxiliary inputs can be adjusted independently and separate
    intercom priority options can now be set for Bluetooth and wired input

    The voice clarity option boosts frequencies common in human speech without impacting the quality of music from auxiliary devices
    In-flight recording is now accomplished through a wireless Bluetooth connection.

    Enhance durability: Rugged cables, constructed of silver-coated copper alloy wrapped around a Kevlar core, deliver extraordinary flexibility, strength and audio quality

    Upgradeable firmware: Updates are just a download away, giving the Zulu PFX unlimited potential to evolve with new software innovations.

  • Music Fidelity: The Front Row Center feature combined with rugged cables and advanced digital processing make the concert class fidelity even better.

  • Auto Shutoff: In Zulu PFX, Lightspeed proprietary Auto Shutoff feature is enhanced, saving even more battery life by automatically shutting down the headset power when not in use.

    Cell phone / music connection: The integrated control box auxiliary input for connecting a cell phone, music player or other audio device now has controls for bass, treble, and intercom priority, thanks to the enhanced FlightLink app.

    Included: Custom molded carrying case, cellphone /music patch cord, cord clip, four AA batteries, foam windscreen.

    Available configurations: Battery or power panel models, dual GA, LEMO, or U-174 connectors, straight upper cable

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