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O2D1 Pulse-Demand Oxygen Systems
O2D1 Pulse-Demand Oxygen Systems

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The patented MH EDS (Electronic Delivery System) is a one (O2D1) or two-user (O2D2) aviation oxygen delivery device. It is designed to deliver aviation oxygen in the most efficient, comfortable and convenient way possible. With its user select-able settings, apnea alarm and small size, the MH EDS is the most portable and flexible electronic digital oxygen delivery system in the world. By providing a measured pulse of oxygen every time you breathe in, the MH EDS supplies the oxygen you need to stay alert and comfortable while flying. In contrast to constant flow systems that waste oxygen by supplying more than your body can use, the MH EDS provides a short pulse of oxygen as you inhale, ensuring that your oxygen is used most efficiently. Efficient oxygen delivery means you can fly further on a single oxygen refill or save space and weight with a smaller tank.
A complete EDS O2D1 System consists of an EDS O2D1 unit, oxygen cylinder, (buyer has a choice of low-cost aluminum or a light-weight composite in a variety of sizes), cylinder carry case, seat harness, reducing regulator, connection tubing, connection fittings, cannula, facemask, two AA batteries, instruction manual and tote bag. Each EDS O2D1 system comes with the standard cannula for flight uperations up to 18,000 ft. and a facemask for operations over 18,000 ft. The color-coded one-touch fittings on each EDS O2D1 unit help keep connections secure and tight

The EDS O2D1 Basic Kit includes all of the above except the regulator, cylinder, and cylinder carry case.

There are many additional options and accessories not listed here. If you can't find what you're looking for online, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

Cylinder Weight Empty (kg) Capacity (liters) Material
AL-113 1.1 113 Aluminum
AL-180 1.4 165 Aluminum
AL-248 2.0 248 Aluminum
AL-415 2.7 415 Aluminum
AL-647 3.8 647 Aluminum
AL-682 3.9 682 Aluminum
KF-011* 0.9 311 Kevlar Fiber Wrap
CFF-480* 3.7 515 Composite Silica Wrap

*CFF-480 operates at 3000 psi maximum pressure. KF-011 is a lightweight cylinder for applications where weight is critical.

EZ Breathe Quick Disconnect E-Z Breathe II Boom Cannula
EZ Breathe Quick Disconnect E-Z Breathe II Boom Cannula

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