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wiJAC Wireless Intercom System
wiJAC Wireless Intercom System


Product Code: WIJAC-001


Maxcraft Avionics is now shipping wiJAC™ Wireless Intercom Systems by Jupiter Avionics.

wiJAC™ is the most compact and cost-effective wireless aircraft intercom system available on the market, offering clear communication between pilot, ground support, and cabin personnel. Based on Maxcraft's evaluation of this system, we highly recommend this product to operators for assistance with tasks such as engine ground runs and external load work. Overall, we believe the wiJAC™ Wireless Intercom System to be a durable, well-made, and simple-to-use tool for all kinds of helicopter operations.

The wiJAC™ Wireless Aircraft Intercom System consists of two components which provide a wireless full-duplex audio link between the aircraft’s intercom system and the user’s headset. Adapters are available for different headset connector styles. The JA61 component plugs directly into the aircraft audio system via a standard headset jack and the JA60 component connects to a standard aircraft headset and attaches to the user’s belt. Together the two separate components allow aircraft personnel free movement both inside and outside the aircraft. The headset adapter features only essential controls to ensure ease of operation. (VOX and Volume control knobs, and On/Off and PTT buttons).

The wiJAC™ system offers the user independence from traditional tethered audio systems without sacrificing audio quality.

  • - Independance from traditional tethered system without sacrificing audio quality

    - Multiple paired adapters can be co-located in aircraft

    - Internal adjustments are quickly made with ProCS (product configuration software)

    - ProCS configuration port is provided for configuration loading

    - Micro USB charging port provided

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